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Aster da Fonseca’s influences are from many different venues. He was originally interested in figurative works, mostly influenced by Matisse and Picasso. Back in 1998, Aster started visiting museums and galleries in Washington, DC, and developed an enormous interest in art, becoming acquainted with movements, including Abstraction and Conceptual art. He is currently focused on Constructive Minimalism and Geometry.

In his latest work, Aster is interested in expressing emotions through the shape and form of his canvases and the usage of color and geometric shapes. He doesn’t consider himself a representational artist, but he uses his work to express feelings and memories dear to him.

In some of his work from his new series presented at Art Gallery 21, he has been influenced by baroque art, the influence of which can be seen in the shape of the canvas and the titles of the works.

Aster da Fonseca is a self-taught artist born in Volta Redonda, RJ – Brazil, in 1961. Aster moved to Washington, DC in January of 1995 and began painting in 1998. He has shown his work throughout the years in various galleries and other venues in and around DC and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

He now lives with his spouse in Oakland Park, Florida.

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