Collaboration_define_art_gallery_21_wilton_manorsArt Gallery 21 has worked in partnership with Wilton Manors Leisure Services Department since its beginning in July 2012. The City’s leadership continues to work in meaningful ways to make the Art & Entertainment District a balanced mix of businesses that includes art and cultural experiences.  Other collaborations have included working with The Stonewall Museum Gallery located on Wilton Drive to present the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit, The Way We Worked, in 2017 and working with Old Dillard Museum to present The Quilts of Gee’s Bend: The Fabric of Their Lives in 2018. Both of these projects were done with funding from the Florida Humanities Council and Broward Cultural Division respectively.


Art Gallery 21 has formed a new strategic partnership with Savory PR, a local South Florida public relations and digital marketing agency. We were approached by a surprising number of talented media specialists earlier in the year, and we selected Savory PR because they offered to develop and launch thoughtful and innovative digital PR and marketing programs that will increase our organization’s visibility, promote our art exhibits and programs as well as encourage on-going donations to Art Gallery 21, Inc. The support of the local community is integral to any success we might have, from our volunteers and donors to our artists and city leaders. With the help of Savory PR, we are able to optimize our marketing efforts to better reach new audiences. Savory PR is dedicated to giving back to the local South Florida community and has generously provided time, services and other relevant resources to help Art Gallery 21 develop a strong media presence. We thank you!

Art in Public Places


Art Gallery 21 is pleased to serve as host to the Island City Art Advisory Committee, established in November 2017 to identify doable public art projects and raise the money to pay for them.  American cities and towns aspire to be places where people want to live and want to visit. Wilton Manors is no different in that regard. So, having a particular community identity, especially in terms of what our towns look like, is becoming even more important in a world where everyplace tends to look like everyplace else. Places with strong public art expressions break the trend of blandness and sameness, and give communities a stronger sense of place and identity. When we think about memorable places, we think about their icons – consider the St. Louis Arch, the Bean in Chicago, New York City’s LOVE statue. All of these were the work of creative people who captured the spirit and atmosphere of their cultural milieu. Absent public art, we would be absent our human identities.

In that spirit, Art Gallery 21 has witnessed the work of devoted volunteers who accomplished the installation of inspirational signage in 100 locations around the island city in May 2018. That subcommittee identifies themselves as WiltonArt, a group of art enthusiasts in the local Wilton Manors area. They are currently working on additional projects and plans that will be announced in 2019.  We are awaiting the installation of utility box wraps with a Nature theme by year’s end by a subcommittee of volunteers, local artists and community leaders, who are using images captured by Wilton Manors residents, making it a bonafide community art project.  Other committee members have been busy in the community,  working with Wilton Manors City staff to identify locations for public art installations within the lane reduction project on Wilton Drive. Thanks to our partnership with the City, we will see a mural painted on the wall of The Grille at the south end of Wilton Drive’s entry into the island city this year. And, this is just the beginning! Follow our Facebook page for additional news and updates!

The Island City Art Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public and are held on the second Monday of each month at 7 PM at Art Gallery 21 located at 600 NE 21 Court, Wilton Manors, FL 33305. To join the email notification list, send your request to

If you’ve read this far, thank you. Our team at Art Gallery 21 appreciates all of its strategic partners and are continuously looking for ways to collaborate with other businesses and organizations to further our mission to promote the arts and make it a part of our everyday lives. Have an idea for an art project or program? E-mail us at