Exhibit Schedule for 2022-2023

September 17-October 8
The 11th Annual Island City Juried Art Exhibition
Art Intake will occur on Saturday, September 10 from 10 AM to Noon

Saturday, October 8, 2022 at 6 PM
A Special Cultural Event: 2 SIPS SAYS IT ALL
A staged reading of a new gay comedy about life, love and carrot cake by E. Robert Dunn and Charles Baran.
Free admission. Limited seating.

Due to the Island City Cultural Center being used as an Early Voting Site,
there will be no art exhibit from October 9 to November 12.

November 19-December 10
The New Golf: Plein Aire Painting
Featured Artists: Janet Onofrey and The Davie Painters
A French term meaning ‘painting in the outside air.’  Art has a lot of French terms or words thanks to the Impressionists. Plein Air is the fastest growing form of art and is sweeping the world much like the golf boom did back in the 80’s.

December 17, 2022-January 14, 2023
The Winner’s Show
The three winners of the Island City Juried Exhibit will share their work.

January 21-February 11

February 18-March 11
The Art of Tin Ly – Traditional Chinese Artist’s Tools Re-examined
This project is made possible with support from Broward Cultural Division.

IN THE ARTIST’S WORDS: “I began to work with clay four years ago. In the process, I have learned the advantage and limitation of clay as art medium. I preferred my work to be high-fired to cone 10 (in gas kiln), which produced a range of glaze-colors of subdued tonalities.

When I was young, schooling in Cholon (Chinese sector of Saigon, Vietnam), learning calligraphy with the simple traditional writing tools such as soft goat-hair brushes, ink stick, ink stone, etc., I was fascinated with the different effect of such simple tools and objects that could create varied writing styles of strength, nuance and vitality. How do I re-interpret and transform these writing tools to reflect the understanding of my cultural heritage?

In this planned exhibition, I propose a series of clay objects that transformed the traditional Chinese artist’s tools, such as paint-brush, water-dropper, brush-washer, brush-rest, etc. into unique sculptural objects for contemplation. In addition, a series of small water-medium paintings will harmonize the exhibition.”


March 18-April 8
A Gallery with a View: Aaron Wolf Photography

April 15-May13
Nature in Art
Presented by Environmental & Sustainability Volunteer Group of Wilton Manors.
Follow them @Facebook.com/ESGWiltonManors

June 2023
ArtsUnited Exhibit

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