Art Gallery 21 presents “FRIENDS: A Photo Show” in Wilton Manors

Art Gallery 21 is pleased to present FRIENDS: A Photo Show. It’s an art exhibit unlike any other South Florida has seen since we began hanging art in 2012. We hope the community will take advantage of this cultural experience while it is on view, free to the public. Exhibit unveiling takes place on the second Saturday of the month (November 13, 2021)  in tangent with Art Walk Wilton Manors and is open Friday and Saturday from 5 to 7 PM through December 11th.

November 13-December 11, 2021
FRIENDS: A Photo Show
Steven Shires, Sharron Demarest,
Albert Barg, Jeff Weisberg & Brandon Quarters


“Elementary” by Steven Shires

Steven Shires graduated from The Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale in 1994.  For a year or so he worked at a color lab where he met his mentors, Albert Barg and Jeff Weisberg.  Becoming collaborating friends, Steven used to work black tie events with Al and Jeff. The cousins inspired the development of Steven’s skills in shooting, editing and printing.  Steve would stand behind Jeff and watch him edit and ask questions.  Al would assist with technical and shooting tips. The friendship and respect grew.  Al and Jeff have a third cousin who has since joined them, Brandon Quarters, who brings his own unique skills to the trio.  It is Steven’s pleasure to have these three, who now mostly shoot and make promotional materials right here in South Florida for the National Parks Services, join him in showing their immense skill in making images, printing and publishing.

SOBE by Albert Barg & Jeff Weisberg

Forward in time to a day at an art show sponsored by ArtsUnited and held at the Pride Center where Steven literally bumped into an aspiring artist, Sharron Demarest.  After chatting for a while, Steven felt Sharron needed some encouragement.  He invited her to join ArtsUnited and cheered her on as she made increasingly provocative street images.  He looked on in awe as Sharron developed her own style and began to create uniquely beautiful images.  As a rule, they kid each other pre-gallery opening as to whom will take a recognition or place higher in the final judge’s opinion.  Inevitably, one will shine, if not both!  There is a certain reluctance on either’s part to participate in a show if the other has entered!  Sharron has been hugely successful with still life work, flower translations, and excels in street photography.  She has studied the masters – she has worked with some as well.  It is Steven’s humble honor to have Sharron join him in this exhibition.

“Slaying the Dragon Fruit” by Sharron Demarest





Art Gallery 21, Inc. is a Florida-registered 501c3 non-profit organization working in partnership with Wilton Manors Leisure Services Department to bring art and cultural experiences to the residents and visitors of the Island City. To submit your original work for consideration in a future art show, please visit If you would like to donate to Art Gallery 21, volunteer during one of our events or exhibits, or have a general inquiry, please email or call/text 954.225.5488.

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