The Art of Collaborative Art

box of trees
One of the “box project” boxes, shot with a cell phone camera.

Art Gallery 21 is quite pleased to bring this exhibit to the community. It’s not quite like other art exhibitions. Oh, it’s very artsy fartsy. There’s lots of whimsy in the shared memorabilia, but, there is also a shared energy in the work that was curated by three talented women who call themselves “6 Hands Collaborative.” Deborah Gregg, Janet Gold and Andrea Huffman provide the six hands and these hands come with lots of teaching experience in the field of fine art. They seem to thrive on the coming together of different folks … their energy, their vision, their point of view … and like cosmic velcro, they inspire each other again and again.

Friday evening at 7 PM we will be unveiling the exhibit with an art social where you can meet the artists. There is a “box project” that’s alluring. There is a carefully curated collection of 25 small boxes, each created by a different artist, and the boxes tell different stories, expressing varied points of view. It will be fun to scrutinize each one and see what mystery lies within!

Art Gallery 21 is located at 600 NE 21 Court, just east of Wilton Drive. We’ll look forward to seeing you! Or, maybe, meeting you for the first time!


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