Cause for celebration!

Airscape #19 by Robert Gross
Airscape #19 by Robert Gross

We’re going to reveal the first new art exhibition of the season tomorrow night and we’re all pretty excited. The artists are bringing some munchies and some wine and Shawn of Shawn & Nick’s Courtyard Cafe is bringing trays of hot foods for us as well! Our “art socials” are always a lot of fun and you never know who you might run into! The artists are in a celebratory mood because they’re showing their art, and, honestly … nothing makes an artist happier than sharing their work!

Once the new show is open, we’re going to resume our efforts to SELL ART! The artists in this show are all über talented and worthy of any patron’s hard earned dollars. Should you visit the gallery, you would see oils, watercolors and gouache renderings of landscapes and still lifes alongside delicate studies that will mesmerize your brain. Robert Gross and Dirk Eberle are two of the best (if not THE best) watercolor artists in these parts. Their work is at once realistic and otherworldly. Their exquisite mastery of their medium is truly a vision to behold. I’ve watched folks stand in front of one of their paintings for as much as twenty minutes, studying the hidden beauty that is captured there. Now, to find those blessed souls who will purchase one (or two) of their paintings! That would really give us all cause for celebration!

Where is Art Gallery 21?

Art Gallery 21 is located in the former Woman’s Club of Wilton Manors
600 NE 21 Court
Wilton Manors, FL 33305

wilton park
Gables Wilton Park | Wilton Drive at NE 21 Court

Urban Planners seek to create “livable communities,” places where people can live and shop and work without depending on their cars so much. Their ideal community would include higher density residential construction with ground floor retail, increased green spaces for public use, adequate public transportation and pedestrian safety, Like most municipalities in south Florida, the City of Wilton Manors has been wrestling for the past decade with the transition from being a sleepy suburban community of Fort Lauderdale to becoming a destination for visitors from around the world. And, it’s not easy.

Wilton Manors is considered an “island city” because it is surrounded by the South Fork of the Middle River. The waterways are governed by South Florida Water Management District and the City has done a good job creating recreational opportunities through the City parks located along these waterways. There’s a boat ramp at Colohatchee Park and kayak rentals at Richardson Historic Park & Nature Preserve. Oh! And, let’s not forget the wonderful waterfront experience of Island City Park Preserve!

A more recent segue in urban design is the inclusion of historic buildings as a part of the area’s redevelopment. Here in South Florida, it was pretty much tear everything down and build new. Until the year 2000, when leaders across Florida began to place more value on Florida’s history and the sense of place that drew people to visit and live here.

Photo courtesy of Wilton Manors Historical Society
Photo courtesy of Wilton Manors Historical Society.

It was really a lucky accident for Art Gallery 21 that the Woman’s Club of Wilton Manors was built adjacent to Hagen Park and City Hall during the mid century era. The area around the Woman’s Club, Hagen Park, has changed over the years from a little neighborhood park with a playground and a couple of tennis courts to the state of the art site we have today. The “new” City Hall was built facing Wilton Drive and there’s ample parking for the public (except on Saturday nights). Over the years that these changes to public land were taking place, Wilton Drive, the designated Arts & Entertainment District, was beginning to change, too. Gone was the Junior League Thrift Store, the office supply and hair salon, and the Wings ‘n Things, and in their places, restaurants, bars and specialty shops, bringing a new vibe and new people. It’s not uncommon to hear about someone who came here to visit and loved the “small town” feel so much that they came back to live here.

That “small town” feel is one of the things that makes Art Gallery 21 so special. The Woman’s Club was built in 1956 on land donated by Alvar Hagen, a local community activist. It’s not a large building, with maximum occupancy set at 75. (And, that’s pushing it!) Hagen’s wife, Virginia, was one of the first club presidents, and the couple were known for their community spirit. Over the years, the Woman’s Club used their social capital to raise money for the support of  local charities and they were a part of the fabric of community life. They were, in essence, what gave us that “small town” feel.

Girl Play 2014

All good things must come to an end, they say, and, so, the Woman’s Club retired their chapter in January of 2011.The property was deeded over to the City because they knew the City could take care of the building. Older buildings come with their own set of problems, and preserving the historic integrity of the Woman’s Club presents challenges that City staff have addressed quite well.


It was the empty, unused building, in need of a little paint and a lot of TLC, that we discovered early one Saturday morning in November 2011 that lead us to see what it could be … Art Gallery 21.

Art Gallery 21, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered with the State of Florida and is working in partnership with the Wilton Manors Leisure Services Department to bring more art to the Art & Entertainment District.

Contact us at

Presenting the Art of Celia Diaz, Robert Gross et al.

PLUMS by Celia Diaz

Art Gallery 21 is pleased to feature the art of two of Broward County’s finest artists, Celia Diaz and Robert Gross, in our first art show of the season. This exhibit will also include art by Lisa Boyd, Dirk Eberle, Monica Hurter, Angie Riserbato and Aviva Sasson, local artists who possess a ton of talent and who bring a whole lotta fun to our art socials!

Everyone is invited to view the art and meet the artists during an Art Social from 7 to 9 PM on Friday, October 23, 2015. The gallery will be open Fridays from 7 to 9 PM through November 27. Come on by! We’re pretty sure you’ll be glad you did!

Art Gallery 21 is a Florida nonprofit organization working in partnership with Wilton Manors Leisure Services Department to bring more art to the Arts & Entertainment District.

Island City Art Market: Tyce Marshall

The Island City Art Market is a showcase of 40 original works of art, all produced by 21 local fine artists.  All art offered is framed and ready to hang. This is our final week for the exhibit which will close on Saturday evening, September 12th, with an art social.


Tyce Marshall Vineyard Sound
“Vinyard Sound” (Towards Elizabeth Island, Cape Cod) by Tyce Marshall | Oil on Panel | 6″ x 4″ framed | $100

Tyce is new to Art Gallery 21! We discovered his talent when he submitted two of his paintings for our annual Island City Juried Art Exhibition earlier this year! And, yes! He won!

A painter of traditional style, Tyce creates art with oils on canvas and gesso panels, watercolors, pastels and pencil drawings. He is a graduate of the Swain School of Design in New Bedford, Massachusetts, It’s clear that his work is influenced by living on the coast as he specializes in seascapes.

tyce marshall 3
“Water Lilies” by Tyce Marshall | Oil on Panel | 10″ x 8″ framed | $125

Tyce has exhibited his work in galleries in New Bedford and Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Lewes, Delaware, and here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are absolutely charmed with Tyce’s art and with his lovely wife, Gail! We’re very pleased that Tyce will be the featured artist in an exhibit with us beginning April 15, 2016.

Island City Art Market: Nia Nakis

The Island City Art Market is a showcase of 40 original works of art, all produced by 21 local fine artists.  All art offered is framed and ready to hang.


nia nakis sunset for two 20x16
“Sunset for Two” by Nia Nakis | acrylic on canvas | 16″ x 20″ framed | $750

Born in Athens, Greece, Eugenia “Nia” Nakis is an alumnus of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She worked as a fashion illustrator until 2001 when she had the opportunity to travel to Europe where she fell in love with the rugged Mediterranean landscape.

As a visual artist, Nia’s paintings reflect her love of nature. She finds beauty in the weathered rocks along the coast of her homeland and in the humble villages of her childhood in Greece. She says she fell in love with the lush tropics of Florida because there is so much nature around.

nia nakis social gathering 14x11
“Social Gathering” by Nia Nakis | acrylic on canvas | 12″ x 16″ framed | $475

Nia calls her painting style “impressionistic” … she takes photos and makes sketches, but she also works from her memories and impressions. She loves the vibrant colors found in nature and the myriad combinations of those colors, and she takes delight in the antics of the birds like herons and seagulls.

We especially admire Nia’s philosophy about life and art … she says we have to keep growing and expressing ourselves in all areas of life and that sharing the journey with others is what makes it all worthwhile.

Call or text 954-661-4740 if you’re interested in visiting the gallery or purchasing Nia’s artwork. Shipping is available for an added fee..

Island City Art Market: Lisa Boyd

The Island City Art Market is a showcase of 40 original works of art, all produced by 21 local fine artists.  All art offered is framed and ready to hang.


As an artist, Lisa is enchanted with Florida’s depth of soul. She finds it in the architecture, the colors of the sea and sky, and the international influences on music that make up South Florida’s culture. But, she especially loves the people!

Whimsical Flowers Lisa Boyd
“Flamboyant Flowers” by Lisa Boyd | Oil | 16″ x 20″ framed | $150

Born in Shanghai, Lisa lived in China through early childhood, then her family moved to Montreal where she attended school. After college in Switzerland, Lisa moved to London and spent fifteen years traveling throughout Europe for Thomas Cook Travel. She speaks Italian, French and Spanish, in addition to American English.

“Villa in the Tuscan Hills” by Lisa Boyd | Oil | 16″ x 20″ framed | $150

Looking for change, Lisa moved to Miami Beach. Coming from a family of artists, it was natural for her to put hand to brush and paint. As a student of Robert Gross, she has become an award-winning artist and exhibited extensively in South Florida, and she is grateful for her amazing teacher, friend and inspiration.

See more of Lisa’s work here

Call or text 954-661-4740 if you’re interested in visiting the gallery or purchasing Lisa’s art. Shipping is available for an added fee.

Island City Art Market: Patti Maceri, Artist

The Island City Art Market is a showcase of 40 original works of art, all produced by 21 local fine artists.  All art offered is framed and ready to hang.

fishing boats by patricia maceri
“Fishing Boats” by Patti Maceri | Oil | 20″ x 16″ framed | $500


Patti’s mother was the first to recognize her talent and she encouraged her daughter’s development by enrolling Patti in painting classes at the Joy Rubin Art School in Hollywood, Florida at an early age. She later attended art classes during her middle and high school years and was introduced to different mediums, which further cultivated her interest in art. So, it should come as no surprise that when it came time to declare her major in college, she knew what it would be! ART!

fisheating creek by patricia maceri
“Fisheating Creek” by Patti Maceri | Watercolors | 14″ 10″ framed | $600

In 2012, Patti enrolled in oil and watercolor classes with our esteemed colleague, Robert Gross. As is his teaching style, Bob has served as Patti’s mentor and encouraged her to take her work in new directions, including participating in local art shows. In fact, she is a winner of the gallery’s very own Island City Juried Art Competition!

Patti has become a devoted volunteer at Art Gallery 21 and we admire her spirit of community service as much as we admire her talent! They are a dynamic combination and we are very grateful to have her in our corner!

Call or text 954-661-4740 if you’re interested in visiting the gallery or purchasing Patti’s art. Shipping is available for an added fee.