Island City Art Market: Nia Nakis

The Island City Art Market is a showcase of 40 original works of art, all produced by 21 local fine artists.  All art offered is framed and ready to hang.


nia nakis sunset for two 20x16
“Sunset for Two” by Nia Nakis | acrylic on canvas | 16″ x 20″ framed | $750

Born in Athens, Greece, Eugenia “Nia” Nakis is an alumnus of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She worked as a fashion illustrator until 2001 when she had the opportunity to travel to Europe where she fell in love with the rugged Mediterranean landscape.

As a visual artist, Nia’s paintings reflect her love of nature. She finds beauty in the weathered rocks along the coast of her homeland and in the humble villages of her childhood in Greece. She says she fell in love with the lush tropics of Florida because there is so much nature around.

nia nakis social gathering 14x11
“Social Gathering” by Nia Nakis | acrylic on canvas | 12″ x 16″ framed | $475

Nia calls her painting style “impressionistic” … she takes photos and makes sketches, but she also works from her memories and impressions. She loves the vibrant colors found in nature and the myriad combinations of those colors, and she takes delight in the antics of the birds like herons and seagulls.

We especially admire Nia’s philosophy about life and art … she says we have to keep growing and expressing ourselves in all areas of life and that sharing the journey with others is what makes it all worthwhile.

Call or text 954-661-4740 if you’re interested in visiting the gallery or purchasing Nia’s artwork. Shipping is available for an added fee..

Island City Art Market: Aviva D. Sasson, Artist

Art Gallery 21 is pleased to present a buyer’s market of fine Florida art at affordable prices. Because we are a neighborhood gallery, we can off the work of local artists without the overhead of for profit galleries . The Island City Art Market is a showcase of 40 original works of art, including oils, watercolors and acrylics, all produced by 21 local fine artists.  All art offered is framed and ready to be hung.

Experiment with Blue | Aviva D. Sasson 16″x20″ oil on canvas, framed $450

Aviva D. Sasson

Israeli born, Aviva studied graphic design, but, what she really longed to do was paint. She started painting with watercolors while still living in Israel. When she arrived in Florida in 2005 and began studying with our gallery guru, Robert Gross, she discovered the world of oil painting on canvas. For Aviva, this medium was a ‘coming home.’ For us, as viewers of her art, we are particularly fond of her use of vibrant colors!

Lemons | Aviva D. Sasson 24″x18″ oil on canvas, framed $500

Living in the subtropical savanna of south Florida, Aviva is able to paint outdoors every week of the year, often with her teacher, Bob Gross, and his plein air group in western Broward County. Aviva’s paintings capture a vibrance that only the light of south Florida offers, and she does it in a bold and distinctive way! This is happy art! #artsaves