Eyes on the Sunshine State

Image by Andy Royston for FtLauderdaleSun on Facebook

Last Friday evening, the three winning artists from our annual Island City Juried Art Exhibition delivered their art to the gallery and our curator, Robert Gross,  his assistant, Celia Diaz, and volunteers Carol Finlayson and Dirk Eberle created a show that is all about the Sunshine State, the people and places that make Florida unique.

Dwight Hoffman, the first place winner, is showing some “old Florida” scenes that leave us longing for another time while his character studies leave us convinced that we know the person he has rendered so skillfully.

Louise Meredith‘s watercolors are lovingly painted with an impressionistic quality that draws the viewer in. And, Joan Glassman‘s art is exquisite in its details.

Truly a local art show of local artists painting what they see … Florida faces and places!

Please join us for an art social on Friday, April 15, 2016 at 7 PM and meet the artists! We’d love to see you again or meet you for the first time!

The gallery is open Fridays from 7 to 9 PM and by appointment through May 6th.

NOTE: It was brought to our attention that the image used to promote The Winner’s Show is actually a photograph belonging to Andy Royston for FtLauderdaleSun on Facebook. The selection of this image was based on the three palm trees to represent the three winners and we were not aware of the image’s ownership. It was discovered via a Google search which we consider a public domain. We apologize for this error as we are fans of Mr. Royston’s work. We did make a concerted effort to identify the artist, but failed in that effort. We believe it is very important to credit each and every artist for their creative endeavors. Had we known whose image it was, we would have asked in advance for permission to use it. We did not do that and we regret the error. Lesson learned. 

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  1. Andy Royston says:

    It is very nice of you to apologize, but I do think you need to re-visit your comment ” It was discovered via a Google search which we consider a public domain.”

    You use of ‘consider’ rather than ‘considered’ says that you feel you had every right to use my work uncredited and free of charge simply because it was found online. This is concerning.

    Just because I, as an artist, share my work on the internet, and my images are listed by Google this does not make it free to use, or public domain. I retain copyright to all my works, whether or not it is listed in Google, and as an artist I expect art galleries in particular to respect the provenence of ALL works, not just the artists that you show on your walls and represent online.

    As an art gallery you should be a little more informed about copyright law, and moreover should endeavor not just to credit a piece of work when shared and used, but ensure that the artist is paid. To do otherwise is a desrespect to all artists struggling to make a mark in the art world.

    1. poetc7 says:

      You are absolutely right. I should have used the past tense. In an effort to become more knowledgeable about copyright law, I have been reading, seeking a better understanding of how this kind of action impacts artists. It is clearly a big issue in the world today and I appreciate the opportunity to be better informed. There is much to learn about running a little neighborhood art gallery and this issue is among the most important ones for any gallery.

      As a startup organization, we will include in our gallery policies that use of any art for marketing or other gallery promotions must include permission from the artist with full credit and compensation as defined by the artist. It’s not enough to just say it; it must be a part of our business practices if we are to survive. This has been an embarrassing experience and the lesson is learned. I assure you that we DO respect the provenance of ALL art works and that will be reflected in our future behavior. Artists are our reason for being and we must demonstrate our dedication to them by behaving in a responsible and professional way. Again, I deeply regret the error. Thank you.

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